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Help shape the future of the universe!

  • The things you create will stay in our universe for a very long time

    Henrik Nel

    Former CEO

Who are we?

This is Mindark

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Why MindArk?

  • Benify

  • Lifeplan

  • Flexibility

  • Stay healthy

  • Dog friendly office

  • Soothe your sore muscles

  • Fika

  • Exploration Days

  • Welcoming atmosphere


  • What struck me since day one is that everyone gets treated with respect, no matter their background, ethnicity, sex, or sexual orientation.

    My Antonsson

    Community Relations Manager

  • We are well aware of our faults, and together we work very hard to face these challenges.

    Agnieszka Molska Jakobson

    Agile Coach

  • I'm thrilled to be working with the enthusiastic team of MindArk. We are all striving for an excellent product while not letting that stop us from having a great time together. Through trust and transparency with each other, I feel like I can contribute to our goal of creating something exciting that our users will be able to enjoy. And if you ever need to clear your head, you can go and have a well-deserved break with one of the lovely dogs at the office or have a classic Fika!

    Alexandra Danielsson

    Software Engineer | Gameplay

  • What truly struck me when starting at Mindark was how talented yet humble everyone was. The environment encourages creativity such ensures productivity. Where other places felt more like a competition, Mindark is like a joined venture.

    Timothy Gramnaes

    Sound Designer

  • MindArk is allowing developers to take on the work they want to do and let them engage with that on a stakeholder level; looking for potential in people instead of restricting it behind titles or age. We're making games together, not just following a checklist, which brings out the best of us developers. I haven't had any crunch, and we have some great benefits with healthcare and work-time training hours. In between the cycles we have a week of researching and exploring. For me, it's been a great way to keep up to speed on the latest tech (and do the occasional game jam).

    William Clifford

    Acting Lead Level Designer

  • It’s very inspiring to work with such a passionate and dedicated group of colleagues who challenge each other to be the best they can be. That through trust and transparency, working together on delivering an interesting- and ambitious product Entropia Universe makes me feel at home here at Mindark. “Enjoy every day” is one of MindArk’s core pillars, and I couldn't agree more.

    Dennis Antonsson

    Product Owner

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